What makes us different?

Telehealth services have been around for years, so you’ve probably seen other providers advertised. So why choose us?

We specialize only in pediatrics.  Which means we know what is currently best practice in the treatment of your child.

Pediatrics on Call Other telehealth providers
When you call: You reach us — not a third party — either immediately or via voicemail. You get an answering service and then wait (sometimes hours) for an actual medical professional to call you back.
Diagnostic equipment: You receive a digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, and digital otoscope with your membership. This equipment is yours to keep, even if you cancel the service. No equipment provided.
Relationship with your physician: As local pediatric nurse practitioners, we personally know many area pediatric care providers and are familiar with local medical facilities and hospitals. This helps us provide better continuity of care for your child. Many are national companies; you could be talking to someone across the country who has never heard of your pediatrician and has no knowledge about the facilities nearby.
Testing for illness: We sell rapid flu and strep throat tests you can use at home. We can either ship them to you, or you can pick them up from our local mailbox. You will need to visit a local urgent care, ER or other facility to be tested for these illnesses.

Get help now!

Ever wonder whether to keep your child home from school or cancel a family event because they feel sick? Having at-home tests on hand means you’ll get quick answers — and can take quick action if necessary!

Fever or flu? Sore throat or strep?

With at-home tests, you can know before you go!

Click the button below to order the tests. We can ship them to you, or you can pick them up from a local mailbox.