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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

From “how to” to “how much,” here’s the most commonly requested information about what we do.

How does your service work?2023-09-22T20:02:57-04:00

Our Pediatrics on Call phone number (386-256-7695) is open 24/7/365. When you call us, you’ll get one of our primary pediatric care providers — NOT an answering service. If we’re currently talking with another patient, you’ll receive our voicemail; simply leave a message and we’ll call you as soon as we’re done with the patient preceding you. That’s it!

How much does it cost?2023-09-01T09:02:34-04:00

Our charges are as follows:

  • $15.99/month for one child
  • $19.99/month for all children in your family (no limit to this number!)

There’s also a one-time registration fee of $100 (plus tax and shipping) that includes the cost of your medical kit. This fee covers all registered children on your account and is not a per-child charge. (Note: There’s a small additional charge for an iPhone-compatible digital otoscope.)

What is included in my membership?2023-09-25T09:17:47-04:00
  • 24/7/365 access to board certified, pediatric primary care providers and lactation counselors
  • Unlimited telehealth visits every month.
  • Digital oral thermometer.
  • Pulse oximeter to measure your child’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
  • Digital otoscope for examining your child’s ears and taking photos that you can upload and send to us for review. (Note: The digital otoscope is compatible with Android phones, PCs, and Macs. If you prefer an iPhone compatible otoscope, please select that option upon signing up.)
  • Prescriptions, lab test/x-ray orders and even school/daycare notes when indicated.

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How do I get started?2023-09-25T09:18:49-04:00
  1. Click the Join Now button to complete the request to join form and pay your one-time registration fee ($100 + shipping and tax) and first month’s membership fee ($15.99 for one child or $19.99 for the flat family rate).
  2. We’ll email your patient intake forms for you to complete; once we receive and process them, we’ll activate your membership.
  3. Your home medical kit will be shipped at that time as well and should arrive at your home within 7-10 days. (If you need to call before then, we can still do a telehealth visit as long as an ear examination is not needed.)
What if I need a visit right now but have not yet joined?2023-09-22T20:04:12-04:00

You can sign up as directed above and then call us at 386-256-7695 right away to let us know you need a visit now. Once we receive your forms and consents and activate your membership, we’ll return your call for a telehealth visit.

How long does it take from when I call you to when I actually talk to you?2023-09-22T20:04:38-04:00

When you call our number, you will typically reach one of us immediately; we answer our phones live, with no answering service as a go-between. If we’re currently helping another patient, you’ll be forwarded to our voicemail. Simply leave a message and we’ll call you as soon as we’re done with the patient preceding you.

Is there a limit on the number of telehealth visits I can have per month?2023-09-25T09:19:24-04:00

Not at all!  Your monthly membership means you have unlimited access to us!  Call as often as you need for no additional fees. We’ll be here.

How can you diagnose my child if they’re not physically in your office?2023-09-01T09:00:25-04:00

In our telehealth visit, we’ll discuss your child’s symptoms and assess the situation. We can diagnose certain conditions (like ear infections) using our knowledge and the data you give us from your own observations and the tools in your medical kit. You also can purchase at-home tests from us for strep throat and flu so those conditions can be diagnosed remotely. (We recommend having these tests on hand so you can use them during a call.)

For anything requiring in-person examination or treatment, we can expedite that process by ordering x-rays and/or lab tests, writing prescriptions and sending them to your pharmacy, or referring you to an emergency room or other appropriate medical facility.

Do I need to call my child’s primary care provider to let them know about our visit?2023-09-01T09:25:10-04:00

Nope, we’ll handle that for you! As local care providers, we have established rapports with many area pediatric practices and are happy to cooperate with them. We’ll reach out to your primary care provider to update them on your child’s condition — so you can focus on their care.

What if I don’t have a pediatrician for my child?2023-09-01T08:56:32-04:00

You must have a primary care provider (pediatrician) in order to use Pediatrics On Call. While our services are robust and backed by decades of experience and knowledge, your child needs a primary care provider to ensure both their immediate and long-term health.

Will my insurance cover my visit?2023-09-01T08:44:28-04:00

Insurance is not required and we do not bill insurance. Your paid monthly membership is all you need for 24/7/365 access to us.

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