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Kids coughing? Runny nose? Ear pain? Fever? Sore throat? Need a school/daycare or work note? Kids only get sick at night, on the weekends or holidays?

Questions about breastfeeding? Introduction of solids? Child developmental questions? Potty training questions? Constipation? Skin concerns?

We can help with all that and more! For one low monthly membership fee that is less than a single copay at your pediatrician’s, you have 24/7/365 access to Jen or Nicole via phone, text, portal message or email!

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Ever wonder whether to keep your child home from school or cancel a family event because they feel sick? Having at-home tests on hand means you’ll get quick answers — and can take quick action if necessary!

Fever or flu? Sore throat or strep?

With at-home tests, you can know before you go!

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